What is Pyra Studios?

Pyra Studios, started in 2013, is the company started by individuals Spencer Pulliam and Quinn Rowden. In 2015 Spencer Pulliam left due to a lack of interest, we later started recruiting and we built up the wonderful staff we have today.

This staff comprises of Quinn Rowden, Duncan Emery, Ethan Stubbs, Brandon Sexton, Morgan Braunston, Jean-Paul santiago, and Riley Critchley.

Our members who have since left the company: Spencer Pulliam (Lack of interest), Logan Morris (Fired from misuse of funds, and immature/late work), efr0st (Left Pyra to work on another project) and Cameron Toth (Employement suspended at his request).

Pyra studios currently functions as a video game development studios, but we have plans to expand Pyra’s focus into science and agriculture.

We founded Pyra with one main goal in mind: do what others have never tried; we try to make the most ambitious projects, and make them unique. We stride to make the aspects of our games perfected.

To do this we take a long time on our projects, but together we create the ultimate experience, and something to be proud of. Our current video game project is E.N.D.GAME: Human Error.

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