Have you ever wanted to know all the Pyra Studios staff members?

Well, now you can with this amazing list! Just click on one to expand it.

I'm Quinn, I founded Pyra with Duncan back in 2013, and I currently run a majority of things at Pyra. I hope you like what we've been working on!

I'm Duncan and I co-founded Pyra with Quinn, I make music for E.N.D.GAME and I am the CBDO of Pyra.

Hey, my name is Ethan. I'm the website developer for Pyra and I hope you enjoy my work. I will also be maintaining the servers with Brandon when they come about. You can visit my website if you want but there is not much there yet

Waiting on description.

My name is Brandon, I am the second Web Dev and I will be maintaining the servers and Pyra Images. My website is brandon14.ml

I am a voice actor for Pyra, and do the work for Abraham, the militia, and the Brotherhood leader.